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Little desk clock from Namen/ Namur ca. 1750.
Two day running movement with verge escapement and fixed pendulum.

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Eward Ruyter – Clockmaker

Eward Ruyter’s studio guarantees craftsmanship in selling and restoring antique clocks. We’d like to clear up the misunderstanding that some clocks are unrepairable. We will find the right solution for every problem. Our passion for clocks, their history and engineering make every project a new challenge.

You can come to us with all kinds of questions about your clock. After having inspected it, we will be able to tell you whether the clock needs a small or a big repair. We provide a two-year warranty on big repairs. We can also help you with restoring the cabinet, the woodwork, dials that are out of order or hands and ornaments that are missing.

Besides restoring clocks for private individuals or antiquarians, we also have a beautiful selection of clocks in perfect condition in different price ranges.

Please, be welcome to visit our studio and shop in order for us to help you find the right solution to your problem.

September 2017

This September and November we will participate at two fine arts fairs.
The B/FAF, Brussels Fine Art Fair, starts on wednesday the 20th of September. This fair will count 110 participants and will take place at the Brussels Expo, Paleis I (Heizel).
On this fair we will present you amongst other things a unique Brussels Regulator long case clock, made by Paul Nicaise. It was his thesis at the school 'Ecole de Mécanique de Précision et d'Electricité'.
In November you're wellcome at Antica Namur 2017.
You can ask for a free ticket. Just send us a mail.

Since we are in Namur in November, we will move our 'Open Weekend' to march-April 2018.