Restoring the clock

In order for us to estimate the costs to restore your clock, we have to study the clock first.

The best thing to do, is to visit us with your clock. If this isn’t possible, because the clock is too big to move for you, we will come to your house.

Once I’ve taken a look at your clock, we can discuss what type of work is to be done to have the clock function properly again.

You will always get a free price offer when you visit the shop.

We have two ways of restoring clocks.

The big or the small restoration:

When your clock needs a big restoration, the clock will be dismantled and cleaned first in order for the clock to be fat-free. All parts will get a check-up and if there’s a worn out part somewhere, this will be repaired. Pivots will be polished, beds will be replaced and levers will be checked.

Once the restoration has finished, the clock will be cleaned in a special bath in order for oxidation and an excess of fat to be removed.

Then, we put the clock back together again and adjust it in order for it to get an oil treatment.

After a final check-up in our studio, the clock will be returned to you.

This type of restoration comes with a two-year warranty.

A small restoration can be done when the clock is quite recent and still in good condition. Then, we can oil the clock and make some small repairs.

February 2015

A new year has begun and we are being prepared for the Art and Antiques fair in Hasselt.

There are a few changes this year. Our participation to the Art and Antiques fair in Hasselt continues and also the journey of handicraft, wich will take place on sunday the 22nd of november.

We will start a new event : an open house weekend wich will probably take place the weekend of the 24-25 th of october. Of course Johan Goyvaerts the specialist in music boxes, will also be present.

But first there is the art and antiques fair of Hasselt. It will begin on friday the 27th of february and end on tuesday the 3rd of march. For a free entry, just send us a mail.