'Atelier Vanduca' is a company that is specialised in preserving framing, artisanal furniture and frame making and the restoration of frames, paintings and furniture.

The place to be when you're looking for a beutiful, quality musical box is at Johan Goyvaerts

At Hans Kreft's, the stress is on standing, table and hanging clocks coming from the countries that are known to have made the finest quality in history: England, France and the Netherlands. The period starts around 1650 and ends ca. 1850. The accent lies on the work that has been made in London, Paris and Amsterdam.

For unique, handmade watches, you should visit Kees Engelbarts.

'Atelier Bart Michiels' is specialised in upholstering chairs and sofas. You can find him at:
Tongerstesteenweg 269
3720 Kortessem
012 - 45 88 73

Everything on restoring:

February 2015

A new year has begun and we are being prepared for the Art and Antiques fair in Hasselt.

There are a few changes this year. Our participation to the Art and Antiques fair in Hasselt continues and also the journey of handicraft, wich will take place on sunday the 22nd of november.

We will start a new event : an open house weekend wich will probably take place the weekend of the 24-25 th of october. Of course Johan Goyvaerts the specialist in music boxes, will also be present.

But first there is the art and antiques fair of Hasselt. It will begin on friday the 27th of february and end on tuesday the 3rd of march. For a free entry, just send us a mail.